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US Airlines Had Fewer Flights Departing On Time in March

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

On Monday the Department of Transportation released statistics that showed that airlines in the US had fewer on-time flights in the month of March than they did in the previous month.  On-time arrivals were 82.2% in March, while the figure in February was 86.2%.  One of the primary reasons for this dip in on-time arrivals is a hail storm in March that resulted in planes sitting on the tarmac for more than three hours.

Last year at this time, the average for on-time arrivals was only 79.2%, which shows a marked improvement.  Hawaiian Airlines had the most on-time arrivals, with AirTran coming in second and US Airways third.  At the other end of the list, with the worst on-time arrivals, were United Airlines, Virgin America, and ExpressJet.  The criteria for an on-time flight is a flight that arrives within 15 minutes of its scheduled arrival time.

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Air India Cancels 24 International Flights

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

As more than 300 Air India pilots continue their strike action into Monday morning, the airlines has been forced to cancel 24 flights for the day, mostly those heading overseas.  This is the eighth day that pilots have been boycotting work and an airline spokesperson has said that the airline and the union have come to a stalemate.  The aviation minister has said that he will only negotiate with the pilots if they return to work, something they are not willing to do.

The airline has been struggling to rebound from five years of incurring losses due to paying high wages, operating on routes that were not popular, ordering multi-billion dollar planes, and a dip in demand.  The airline also has a history of problems with its 31,000 employees, mostly unrest over wages and issues surrounding career progression.  The airline has a total of 1500 pilots, 450 of which operated flights to international destinations.  This past week has seen flight cancellations to Chicago, New York, Toronto, and Hong Kong.

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Air India Pilots Strike Enters Sixth Day

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Air India pilots are not budging from their position and their strike has now entered its sixth day, causing the cancellation of 20 international flights.  This has, in turn, inconvenienced hundreds of passengers, who have been stranded and who allege that the airline has not issued any refunds for those whose flights were cancelled.  More than 200 IPG pilots have been on strike since Tuesday and the airline has now suspended bookings for international flights through May 15.

So far the airline has fired 71 pilots and is seeking the cancellation of the flying licenses of 11 others who are office-bearers of the Indian Pilots’ Guild (IPG), which is the organization that is at the root of the strikes.  Union civil aviation minister Ajit Singh has asked the pilots to consider the passengers.  He also said they are ready to negotiate if the pilots call off the strike.  However, the first priority is ensuring the passengers are being taken care of.

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Kingfisher and Air India Pilots Strike

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Kingfisher Airlines pilots based in Delhi have gone on strike and by this evening those in Mumbai plan to join them.  The airline has struggled in recent months and this will throw a wrench in their plans to stay afloat.  Currently, the airline has called in their management pilots, but this will only work for for a few days before those pilots cannot work due to the potential for extra-duty violations.  An airline source said the pilots are calling in sick, with the excuse that the stress from not receiving their salary is the cause of it.

Air India is suffering a similar predicament with their pilots, although for a different reason.  Nearly 300 Air India pilots have gone on strike and none have reported to work by the Thursday morning deadline.  In response the airline has stopped booking all long-haul flights for the time being.  The pilots have been calling in sick and a number of them have been fired.  Management at Air India is trying to determine whether they can suspend the pilots involved temporarily or even permanently.

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Flights at US Airport Delayed Due to Bomb Threat

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Tuesday night saw two Southwest Airlines flights grounded due to a threatening phone call was received.  The threatening call was made while Flight 1184 was enroute to Phoenix from Orange County’s John Wayne Airport.  The details of the threatening call and who intercepted it have not been released.  However, once the flight landed in Phoenix it was isolated and according to Manuel Johnson, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task force and the Phoenix Police Department worked to screen the plane at Sky Harbor.

Ashley Dillon, a spokesperson for Southwest Airlines, said the threat caused airport officials to cancel another flight, Flight 811, due to travel from Orange County to Phoenix.  The flight was cancelled before passengers boarded the plane and that aircraft was also screened.  The threat did not name a specific flight so the err on the side of caution, officials decided to screen both planes.  In the end, both planes were cleared.

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Air India Cancels Four Flights When Pilots Call in Sick

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Air India had to cancel four international flights when 150 pilots called in sick and failed to show up for their shifts.  Pilots are protesting poor working conditions and unpaid salaries and Jitendra Awhad, president of the Indian Pilots Guild, said that some pilots have not been paid for six months.  The airline, which could be crippled by the action of the pilots, has fired ten of the pilots and ordered the rest back to work by Tuesday.

Awhad said that they did not resort to strike action until after the airline refused to give the pilots what they were demanding.  Talks had been underway, but they broke down.  The airline is suffering a loss of $1 billion per year due to a merger that was not executed properly, debts, and too large a staff.  However, the government has recently announced that they will give the airline a $6 billion bailout to help them out of troubled times.

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Thick Fog Affects Flights in St. John’s

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Monday saw thick fog once again in St. John’s, Newfoundland, causing flight cancellations for the fourth day in a row.  St. John’s International Airport saw the cancellation of six flights on Monday morning due to the heavy fog, which, over the past few days, has at times reduced visibility to less than a kilometer.

There was a break in the fog on Sunday, allowing a number of flights to depart and arrive.  However, the heavy blanket of fog settled in again.  Local police have blamed the fog for two traffic accidents, one who went off the Outer Ring Road near the Allandale Road exchange and the other who went off the road at Windsor Lake.  Fortunately no one was injured.

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Who Will Replace bmibaby’s Flights?

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

The race is on to see who will replace bmibaby, who abruptly stopped their Belfast flights.  Brian Ambrose, chief executive of George Best Belfast City Airport, said that he is currently talking with other carriers and expects to have some answers within the next seven days.  Budget airline bmibaby announced that their flights will end as of June 11, which has wreaked havoc with the travel plans of thousands of Irish customers who have planned their summer vacation.

Mr Ambrose had already anticipated the cessation of bmibaby flights in the fall and was already negotiating a replacement airline, but was shocked when the airline announced such an early suspension of its flights, giving only five weeks notice.  While he has been talking with other airlines for a couple of months, the pullout of bmibaby in June has put them under a time crunch and the transition won’t be as smooth.

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SEO Consult® Partnership with Virgin Balloons

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

SEO Consult® has announced their new partnership with Virgin Balloons, the premier provider of hot air balloon rides in the UK.  SEO Consult® is a leading organic search engine optimization company in the UK.  Virgin Balloons was looking to find one company that could supply them with all their online marketing needs and could help them redevelop their online marketing strategy and SEO Consult®, with their wide range of services and their creative approach, was the perfect company to do just that.

Head of Communications & Marketing for the Virgin Balloon Flights, Alexander Ferguson, said that they used a rigorous selection process that involved their existing suppliers, as well as many new ones, and that SEO Consult® came out the clear winner.  Geoff Parker, Client Services Director at SEO Consult®, said that they have developed a very strong portfolio and that gaining a client as prestigious as Virgin Balloons is an indication of their success.

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Rajasthan Tour

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Travelling in Rajasthan, one of the largest states in India, is sure to please any worldly traveller.  The familiar sites of camels, snake charmers, magnificent palaces, and people wearing wonderful and colorful clothing are just the beginning.  With Rajasthan Tour, you will be taken into the depths of the Indian culture in Rajasthan, where incredible and magical fold music will transport you into the world of the Maharajas, the Holy Sages, and the village lifestyle that so many people live.

When you visit you will be linked to their many amazing travel packages that will show you Rajasthan like no one else can and you will be able to learn more about the incredible destinations and very best hotels that await you.  Customized packages and private tours are a speciality of Rajasthan Tour, so no matter what you want to see or do, Rajasthan Tour can make it happen.

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