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British Airways to Launch Leeds to Heathrow Flights

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

British Airways has confirmed that they will be launching flights from Leeds Bradford Airport to Heathrow in December.  This is a return for the airline, who operated out of Leeds up until 1980 and it will be the first time West Yorkshire will be connected with London since Flybe cut its flights in March, 2011.  British Airways will operate four flights per day between Leeds and Heathrow and Leeds Airport Chief Executive John Parkin says the news of the new service is outstanding.


British Airways has confirmed that single fares from Leeds to Heathrow will start at £42.  There is a market for the flights as, before they cut their flights, Flybe estimated that 50,000 passengers had flown from Leeds to London in 2010.  Paul Mackie, vice president of Bradford Chamber of Commerce, said that his members have been lobbying for the re-introduction of flights ever since Flybe pulled out and that these flights will give the local economy a huge boost.


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TransAsia Airways to Fly to Japan

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

TransAsia Airways has announced their plans to launch flights to Japan, starting on June 28.  these new scheduled flights are the first the airline is offering to Japan and have come in the wake of an aviation agreement the two countries have made with each other.  TransAsia has been providing charter flight service between Taiwan and Japan for many years and they say the new scheduled service will give travellers more flexibility.


The first flights will be from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to Osaka, Japan.  In early July, the airline will then provide flights from Taoyuan to a number of destinations in Japan, including Okinawa, Asahikawa, New Chitose, Hakodate, and Kushiro.  TransAsia Chairman Vincent Lin said that the airline wants to take advantage of the strong tourism industry in the two countries and the new routes will improve the airline’s competitiveness in the international market.


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Effects of Fire at New Jersey Airport Ripple Across the Country

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Last Friday was a difficult day for air travel in the east, particularly in New Jersey.  Along with severe thunderstorms making their way through the area, there was also a fire at the William J. Hughes Technical Center at Atlantic City International Airport.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said the fire caused the evacuation of 1600 employees at the center.  While the fire did not affect those systems used to directly control air traffic, the FAA said it did affect some traffic control systems.


With the trouble, the traffic flow system was switched over to a backup system, but during the transfer traffic flow had to be handled manually.  There were 66 JetBlue flights that were either delayed or cancelled by Friday evening, a number that was expected to increase on Saturday.  The major airports in New York saw flight delays of nearly an hour and a half to two and a half hours.  There were even flight delays as far away as Atlanta.


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Jet Airways Seeks Permission to Decrease Flights to Northeast

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Jet Airways suffered a loss of Rs 298 crore last year and this has prompted the airline to seek government permission to cut back the amount of flights they operate to the northeastern region of the country.  According to sources, the airline wants to decrease the number of flights by almost half, from their current 38 daily flights to various northeastern cities.  However, as of yet, they have not heard from the government on the matter.


The government’s Route Dispersal Guidelines (RDG) require airlines to service the more remote northeastern portions and other remote sections of the country as a social obligation.  Recently there has been a panel headed by Air India’s CMD Rohit Nandan that made suggestions for the revision of the RDG, requiring each airline to devote a minimum percentage of their capacity or a percentage of their available seat per kilometer to small towns and cities.  Jet is arguing that they northeastern region is over-capacity at the present time and their reduction in flights will not affect connectivity.


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Spice Jet’s Evening Mumbai to Delhi Flights are Popular

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

The newly-introduced flights from Mumbai to Delhi via Surat have been very popular with frequent flyers.  Business people and traders are also soaking up the new flights.  Official sources have said that bookings are full for the evening flights, which depart from Mumbai at 6:50 pm and arrive in Surat at 7:35 pm, then depart Surat at 8:05 pm and arrive in Delhi at 10:00 pm.  The schedule for the same flight in the morning has not been changed.


Frequent flyers between Mumbai and Delhi are very happy with the introduction of the evening flights and find them more convenient than the morning flights as travellers can go travel to one city in the morning and make it back that same evening.  Textile trader Rajesh Sharma says he is happy because he can travel to Delhi at night, use the following day to get his work done, and then fly out the next morning.


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Qantas Airlines Adding More Flights to Dallas/Fort Worth

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Qantas Airlines has announced that they will be adding additional flights on their route between Sydney and Dallas/Fort Worth.  The additional flights will begin on July 1 and this will result in daily service on the route.  It was only May of last year that Qantas began flights to Sydney from Dallas/Fort Worth.  The airline started with four flights per week and increased it to six flights per week in January.  Now, with daily flights, it will be easier than ever for Americans to travel to the Land Down Under.


The route is being operated on a Boeing 747-400ER, which offers three classes of seating.  Stephen Thompson, Executive Mirector of Qantas, said that they have been pleased with the demand for flights DFW and they are happy to be offering additional flights following a successful first year operating the route.  He adds that DFW is a hub that is ideally located to give access to all other major US cities, all located within four hours of DFW.


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Firm in Taiwan Considers Charter Flights

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Nepal Airlines Corporation has been approached by a private company that wants to offer weekly charter flights from Nepal to Taiwan, but the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) has refused their request based on their ‘One China Policy’.  Joint secretary at MoCTCA Suresh Acharya said that, in addition to their ‘One China Policy’ Nepal Airlines does not have the aircraft available to operate the charter flights.


Despite this, Nepal Airlines themselves have approached the MoCTCA to ask them to approve the request.  Nepal Airlines suspended its flights between Kathmandu and Delhi seven months ago due to technical problems and they will also be cutting their international flights to only 10 per week as one of its Boeing aircraft must go for four weeks of comprehensive-check.  This leaves them only one Boeing aircraft for international flights.


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Passengers the Priority Over Pets with Air Canada

Monday, June 18th, 2012

The latest Air Canada decision in the long-standing issue of pets on flights has been to restrict the flights in which cats are allowed on board.  Particularly, there will be certain Air Canada Jazz flights that will not allow cats on board, giving relief to those travellers who have severe cat allergies.  The Canadian Transportation Agency made the decision, stating that the airline must ban cats from any flight on one of their Dash 8-100/300 aircraft if a passenger gives at least 48 hours notice of severe allergies.


Air Canada had proposed a solution whereby the first to book was the one who kept their flight, meaning that if a person travelling with a cat had already booked, the person with the allergies had to book on another flight.  The agency said that to allow the first-come-first-served policy would equate the needs of the passenger with the allergy with the desire for another passenger to travel with their pet.  The ban on cats does not apply to the larger aircraft as they are bigger and have better ventilation systems.


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Storm Causes Flight Delays and Cancellations in Calgary

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

A severe thunderstorm caused delays and cancellations of more than 70 flights at Calgary International Airport on Wednesday.  Of those cancelled of delayed, 50 were WestJet flights and at least 20 Air Canada flights were affected.  A red alert was issued after lightening struck near the airport, forcing ground crews to remain inside for safety reasons.  Planes were parked and passengers were inconvenienced with delays and, for those whose flight had been cancelled, the task of booking a new flight.


The red alert was lifted at 5:00 pm, but hundreds of passengers were still left in a crowded airport trying to make alternative travel arrangements and find accommodations.  Hotel rooms were hard to find because the Global Petroleum Show was in town.  Jennifer Sanford, a spokesperson for WestJet, said that by 8:00 pm they had made accommodation arrangements for he majority of their passengers.


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Etihad Decides Against Additional Flights to Australia

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

For the time being, Etihad Airways has decided against adding more flights to Australia, despite the fact that Australia has been a good market.  The airline currently operates 21 flights into Australia, including 11 flights to Sydney, seven flights to Melbourne, and three flights to Brisbane.  James Hogan, chief executive of Etihad Airways, says that the airline is still interested in increasing the Brisbane flights to daily and adding flights to Perth.


On Tuesday, while attending the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) annual general meeting, Hogan stated that Etihad will be adding South America to their list of destinations next year, as well as adding flights to Africa both this year and next.  He said they are focusing their capacity on other markets at the present time.  The airline has new Airbus A380s on order for 2014 and these aircraft are in reserve for service to Sydney and Melbourne.


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