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Problems in the Philippines due to Tropical Storm Gener

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Tropical Storm Gener is causing many problems in the Philippines, including the disruption of flights to Manila.  The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) reported that a total of 12 flights on their way to Manila had to be diverted and another 10 domestic flights had to be cancelled and others were delayed as the storm dumped heavy rains on the region.  These include flights to San Francisco, Singapore, and more.


PAGASA has said that by Monday night the weather should start to improve, but rain will fall in Luzon until Wednesday before the storm leaves the Philippine Area of Responsibility by Thursday morning.  The storm has been moving in a north northwest direction at a steady 11 kph and is packing sustained winds of 105 kph, with gusts as strong as 135 kph.  Various islands in the region are raising signals due to the storm.


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Flights Delayed at Mexico Airport Due to Bad Weather

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Mexico City International Airport had to suspend flights for three and a half hours due to bad weather in Mexico City and the surrounding region.  Jorge Andres Gomez, a spokesperson for the airport, said that they experienced heavy rainfall and hail that left the runways soaked with water.


The runways were closed from 4:43 pm local time and flights began to land again at 8:20 pm, according to witnesses.  A few minutes after the first flight landed, the first flight took off from the airport.  However, dozens of flights were disrupted, being diverted to other airports, cancelled, or delayed.


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Qantas to team Up with Emirates

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

A report in Australian Financial Review (AFR) reveals that Qantas Airlines with negotiating a code-sharing deal with Emirates.  If the deal is successful, Qantas would not longer be flying to Europe, but would fly to Dubai, from where Emirates would connect passengers to destinations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.  This is of great benefit to Qantas as Emirates has the largest international market in the world, with 18 destinations in Africa and 30 in Europe.


With the new code-sharing agreement Qantas passengers would have access to all the international destinations to which Emirates flies, which is a huge increase over the two destinations in Europe to which Qantas currently flies, London and Frankfurt.  Of these two destinations, Qantas is already planning on pulling service from Frankfurt.  Should this deal go through, it would likely mean the end of Qantas association with British Airways.


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Hong Kong Typhoon Causes Vancouver Flight Cancellations

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

On Tuesday, Typhoon Vincente hit Hong Kong, bringing with it destructive winds and rain.  This storm has disrupted Cathay Pacific flights that were scheduled to fly out of Vancouver International Airport.  July 23 flights between Vancouver and New York (CX888 and CX889) and a July 24 flight from Vancouver to Hong Kong (CX889) have been cancelled.


All passengers who were scheduled to travel on the affected flights have been advised not to go to the airport, but to contact Cathay Pacific, if the airline has not already contacted them.  Passengers were directed to call Cathay Pacific reservations at 1-800-268-6868 prior to 5:30 pm PDT on Tuesday, July 24 in order to make alternative travel arrangements.


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American Airlines Adding Lie-Flat Seats on Some Flights

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

American Airlines is going to add lie-flat seats to first class and business class on some of their cross-country routes, making them the first airline in the US to do so.  The announcement was made on Monday and the airline will be adding the new seats to their Airbus A321 aircraft that operate on routes between New York and San Francisco and Los Angeles California, replacing the current Boeing 767-200 aircraft that currently service the routes.  The new seats will be ready for use in November, 2013.


First class will have 10 lie-flat seats that will be located on the aisle.  Business class will have 20 lie-flat seats that will be located two on each side of the aisle.  American Airline announced last year the planned acquisition of 460 new Airbus and Boeing aircraft, 130 of which they plan to have within the next five years.  After the first 130, they plan on getting aircraft that are still in the design stages and all aircraft will be more fuel-efficient.


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Fog Causes Delays for Perth Flights

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Morning fog disrupted flights at Perth Airport this morning and those delays will continue into the afternoon.  A statement was issued by the airport indicating that heavy fog has settled in the region and that shortly after 7:00 a number of domestic and international flights were disrupted by the fog.  At least six arriving flights had to be diverted.


Operations at the airport were able to get back to normal by about 10:00 am, but there will be effects felt throughout the afternoon as the backlog of flights are cleared.  Those passengers who have flights booked out of Perth are advised to contact their airline prior to going to the airport to ensure that their flights are operating on time.


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Flights to Amritsar and Jammu on Air Mantra

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Starting on Monday Ait Mantra will be offering daily flights from Chandigarh to Amritsar and Jammu, offering the people in those regions direct connection between the cities.  The flights will be operated on two Beechcraft aircraft that each have 18 seats and the flight will be about an hour long.  The route was formerly and briefly serviced by Jet, who set up operations in 2010, but pulled the flights shortly after starting them.


Officials say that the new flights to Amritsar and Jammu will become feeder flights for the other airlines, rather than becoming competition.  As of yet, the airline does not have a set schedule for the flights and will for the time being, depart for Amritsar at around 8:30 am and to Jammu around 7:30 pm.  Should the response to these flight be favorable, they will become permanent.  Airport Director HS Toor said that they are ready to welcome the airline and they hope passenger response will be favorable.


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Delta Airlines Sandwiches with Needles Being Flown Back to Amsterdam

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

On Tuesday, what appeared to be sewing needles, or something similar, were found in six separate turkey sandwiches onboard more than one Delta Airlines flight bound for the US.  The sandwiches are being flown back to Amsterdam today to undergo forensic analysis in an attempt to determine how the needles got into the sandwiches.  The Dutch police are heading the investigation, with the cooperation of the FBI, the airline, and the catering company that made the sandwiches.


Police are currently interviewing the staff of Delta Airlines and of Gate Gourmet, the catering company that made the sandwiches and that is one of the largest airline caterers in the world.  A spokesperson for Delta said that six sandwiches were found on flights to Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Seattle, four of which were found by passengers.  One passenger was poked in the roof of the mouth as he bit into his sandwich, but the injury was not serious.  Security has been increased at all Gate Gourmet facilities.


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Investigation Begins into Needles Found in Delta Airlines Sandwiches

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Both the local police and the FBI are investigating at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to find out how needles made their way into five turkey sandwiches on Delta Airlines flights.  The airline said that what look to be sewing needles were found in five sandwiches on separate flights on Sunday.  One needle was found on a flight to Minneapolis, from which a passenger sustained minor injuries.  The other sandwiches were found on flights to Seattle and Atlanta.


Robert van Kapel, a spokesperson for the airport police, said that right now they have no idea why anyone or anything would put the needles in the sandwiches so they are keeping all their options open.  The sandwiches were made in Amsterdam by Gate Gourmet, a company that makes food for more than three million flights per year.  They have said that they are launching their own investigation and are taking the matter very seriously.


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Kingfisher Airlines Says Flights Will Operate on Schedule, Despite Interruptions

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Kingfisher Airlines cancelled a whopping 40 flights after many of their short-haul pilots declined to show up for work on Saturday, in protest of unpaid salaries.  The airline has been struggling for months and owner Vijay Mallya has been trying to get the airline back on its feet, which is a major task since it has not once seen a profit since it was launched in 2005.  With the cancellation of flights on Saturday, Mr. Mallya said that things may not improve for the airline in the near future.


In fact, Mr. Mallya presented an open letter to his employees, telling them that causing the cancellation of flights, which will further damage the reputation of the airline in the eyes of the public, will not bring in money.  It will only make investors wary, making it more difficult to find the required recapitalization funds to help the flailing airline.  In October of last year, the airline had to cut the number of daily flights it operates from 340 to 120.  The airline said that 75% of the employees have been paid as of July 13 and the rest will be paid by July 16.


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