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Flights Delayed as United Goes Back Online

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

United Continental Holdings, the parent company of United Airlines, experienced a serious network disruption on Tuesday afternoon.  The network was down for two hours, which caused flight delays for the airline.  Karen Pride, a spokesperson for the Chicago Department of Aviation, said that at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport there were a number of flight delays due to the downed system.  One passenger at O’Hare, Rick Cartwright, who flies to and from the airport weekly said it was a zoo at the airport.


Passengers who arrived at the airport kiosks to print boarding passes waited in line for more than two hours.  The airport reported normal operations for all other airlines, outside of United’s network failure.  United has issued a waiver for those customers affected by the network failure.  They can rebook their flight or cancel without penalty.  The airline apologizes to customers who were affected by the system failure.


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Tropical Storm Isaac Grounds Flights

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac hits Florida and pelts it with rain before moving on to the Gulf Coast, reaching hurricane strength by the time it gets there.  As the storm moved across southeastern Florida on Sunday, hundreds of flights were canceled and service was not expected to resume until late on Monday.  The Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports experienced the most disruption, with 589 flights canceled between the two of them.


The total number of flights that has been canceled on Sunday due to the storm was a whopping 742.  The last American Airlines flight to leave Miami was noon on Sunday and they, along with their affiliate American Eagle, grounded a total of 486 flights.  The storm is expected to track across the Gulf, strengthening to a Category 1 or 2 hurricane by the time it makes landfall on Wednesday, the seven-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  The storm will hit somewhere between New Orleans and the Florida Panhandle.


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Toronto Flights to Miami Cancelled Due to Tropical Storm Isaac

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

At least four scheduled flights that were scheduled to fly from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to Miami were cancelled as a precaution as Tropical Storm Isaac is strengthening and is expected to be hurricane strength by the time if reaches the Florida Keys.  The flights were cancelled Sunday morning and there were also scheduled flights from Miami to Toronto that were cancelled, meaning that those who were planning to come home on Sunday might have to wait an extra day.


Anyone who was scheduled on a flight that was cancelled must rebook through their airline.  Anyone who was to fly out of Pearson is being advised to check with their airline prior to making their way to the airport.  The Miami-based U.S. National Hurricane Center has projected the storm to track through the Straits of Florida and then into the southeastern part of the Gulf by Monday.  The Republican National Convention in Tampa has been delayed due to the storm.


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Tropical Storm Isaac Causing Flight Disruptions

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Travellers in Antigua were left stranded at VC Bird International Airport while Tropical Storm Isaac bore down on the tropical island, causing the cancellation of flights into and out of the airport.  Many of those who were stuck at  the airport were still in transit, with Antigua being a stopover before boarding a LIAT flight to their final destination.  LIAT does not have a policy of providing overnight accommodations when flights are cancelled, causing anger among passengers.


One young woman on her way to St. Maarten had flown in on Birtish Airways and said it wasn’t fair.  She was told it is safety first, but it means about 500 people have to find a place to stay.  Another passenger said that people have been helpful in giving her numbers to call, and while the situation is no one’s fault, a lot of people will be out of pocket.  In addition, for those who are there for more than 24 hours, they have to pay the airport departure tax again.  However, at this point even government offices have closed down and people on the island are preparing for the storm.


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Etihad Will Increase Flights to Tokyo

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, will be increasing its number of flights between Abu Dhabi and Tokyo to daily.  The new daily schedule will begin on April 2, 2013 and will go further to connect the people of Japan to Aby Dhabi and other destinations reachable from there, such as other countries in the Gulf Coast, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.  James Hogan, Etihad Airways’ President and Chief Executive Officer says he believes the increase in flights will strengthen tourism, trade, and cultural ties between the regions.


The daily flights will be operated on a double-class Airbus A330-200 aircraft, which features 22 Pearl Business class seats and 240 Coral Economy class seats.  The range of services and amenities the airline offers on the flights are tailored to the Japanese market, including the use of the Japanese language, Japanese food, and Japanese entertainment.


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Elderly Women Without ID Denied Flight Access

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Two women in their 90s flying with Air Canada were denied boarding access to their flights because they didn’t have the proper photo ID with them.  The first, 92-year-old Joyce Taylor, flew from Vancouver to Calgary and then was not allowed to board the flight back as she had only her credit card with her as ID.  She had to have someone from home fax copies of the documents she needed.


The second woman was 94-year-old Yueh Yang Clen, who drove to Calgary with family and was supposed to fly back.  She had a photocopy of her passport, but they wouldn’t accept it and she waited for hours while her family mailed the right documents.  Her daughter Judy Chow said at this age she is no security threat.  However, Angela Mah, a spokesperson for Air Canada, said that the regulations for boarding a flight is that all passengers have to have a valid photo ID and Taylor shouldn’t have been allowed to board her first flight.


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Virgin America Debuts at Washington Reagan National Airport

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

On Tuesday, Virgin America made its inaugural flight from Washington’s Reagan National Airport on w flight bound for San Francisco.  This route is a daily round-trip flight and it is the only one for this carrier as the airport has a restricted slot availability.  Virgin America won the slots last spring when Congress passed legislation to increase the number of long-haul flights from the airport.  However, on the new route, Virgin will be in direct competition with United Airlines.


United’s daily nonstop round-trip flight to San Francisco was launched on May 14 and is also the result of the legislation, with which they were allowed to take one of their existing routes and swap it for one that extended past the 1250 mile perimeter.  For the launch of the Virgin America flight, the airline hired Obama and Romney impersonators to help kick off the new route, a very patriotic slant on the event.  At the same time, the airline announced their partnership with Rock that Vote, the largest non-partisan voter registration service in the US.


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Qantas Airlines to Resume Flights to the Gold Coast

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Qantas Airlines will be reinstating service to Australia’s Gold Coast in an effort to keep back their competition, Virgin Australia and Tiger Airways.  The flights will run from Sydney three times per week, using single-aisle Boeing 737-800 aircraft and starting in late October.  This will be the first time in four years that Qantas has serviced the Gold Coast.  They stopped service to the region in July 2008 because the route was losing money.


In addition to reinstating flights to the Gold Coast, Qantas will also spruce up the lounge in the Gold Coast Airport, currently used by Jetstar passengers on a user-pays basis.  Qantas will turn the lounge into a Qantas Club facility and it will be open by the end of the year.  Alan Joyce, chief executive of Qantas, says that demand from customers and a fast-growing travel market prompted the airline to renew the service to the Gold Coast, now Australia’s sixth-largest city.


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Suspending International Flights Does Not Help Kingfisher Airlines

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Despite the fact that Kingfisher Airlines cut international service and has been operating on a minimal domestic schedule, they have still been losing money.  The airline lost Rs 651 crore in the April to June quarter.  This is significantly higher than the losses experienced in the same quarter last year, which were Rs 263 crore.  The airline has never made a profit since it was launched in 2007.  However, it’s competitors, Jet Airways and SpiceJet, have managed to pull a profit in 2012.


Kapil Kaul, head of the aviation research firm Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) India, said that the actual losses for Kingfisher could be Rs 963 crore as they also have a deferred tax adjustment of Rs 312 crore.  The owner of the airline, Vijay Mallya, made a statement that sent the message that the airline will continue to operate despite the crippling setbacks, that accounts are being prepared on a “going concern” basis.


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Frontier Airlines Launching Flights from Trenton-Mercer to Orlando

Friday, August 10th, 2012

It has become obvious that the Trenton-Mercer Airport is faring well these days as a second airline plans to start service there.  Frontier Airlines plans to launch nonstop service from Trenton-Mercer to Orlando starting in November.  Frontier is known as a discount carrier and will be offering two flights per week.  The other airline to offer flights from Trenton-Mercer is Streamline Airways, which began offering service last April, ending a three-year period in which the Trenton-Mercer had no regular service.


Aaron T. Watson, director of the county’s Transportation and Infrastructure, said that the new flights are being viewed as an economic engine for the county.  President of the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce, Peter Crowley, said that the new service shows that the Princeton region is becoming a tourist destination.  The Frontier flights will operate on Mondays and Fridays on a 138-seat Airbus 319.


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