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Airport Helps Flights Following Runway Accident

Monday, September 24th, 2012

A runway accident at Birmingham Airport had East Midlands Airport handling additional flights.  More than a dozen diverted flights went to East Midlands yesterday, after a Boeing 737 operated by Air Aurela overran the Birmingham Airport runway, causing all flights into and out of the airport to be cancelled.  A spokesperson for the airport said that the front wheels of Monarch flight ZB467, which was flying from Nice, went off the runway after it landed.


The wheels went off the runway as it was taxiing to the terminal, which brought the airline to a complete stop.  All 132 passengers were transported to the terminal and no one was hurt during the incident.  However, more than a dozen flights could not land at the Birmingham Airport and were diverted to Est Midlands Airport.


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Arik Air to Resume Flights on Sunday

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Arik Air Ltd., the largest airline in Nigeria, will resume domestic flights on Sunday says the airline’s managing director, Chris Ndulue, who made the announcement on Satruday.  Ndulue said the airline met with government officials and they have now resolved all the issues they had.  The carrier’s previous claim that Aviation Minister Stella Oduah had financial and personal reasons to see the airline go under was not discussed.


Ndulue said they are happy to resume operations.  Meanwhile, secretary to the Nigerian government Anyim Pius Anyim said that all issues between the airline and the Aviation Ministry had been resolved.  He said it was an unfortunate misunderstanding and they used the meeting as an opportunity to mend fences.  Despite this development, there is growing concern over the state of Nigeria’s aviation industry, which has been upside down since June, when a jetliner crashed, killing over 160 people.


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Many Cancelled Flights for American Airlines

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Staffing shortages that have been the result of unhappy pilots who are calling in sick have been a primary cause of cancelled flights for American Airlines.  While the airline blames a “number of factors” they have decided to cut their flight schedule for the remainder of September and all of October by 1% to 2%.  Bruce Hicks, a spokesperson for the airline, said that the cancellations are due in part to pilots calling in sick and maintenance reports being filed by flight crews.


On Sunday and Monday, American cancelled more flights than any other airline.  However, Hicks says that the airline is constantly evaluating their flight schedule based on available staff, operational resources, and seasonal patterns.  Just a few days ago, American imposed cost-cutting action on its pilots, which included outsourcing additional flying jobs to other airlines.  Allied Pilots Association spokesperson Tom Hoban said the union has not sanctioned a sickout, but they are voting on potential strike action.


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California Flights Delayed Due to Power Outage

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Flights departing from the John Wayne Airport in Southern California were delayed on Friday morning.  The power was out from 6:00 am to 6:30 am, according to airport spokesperson, Jenny Wedge.  This caused flights that were due to depart between 6:45 am and 7:30 am to be delayed for about an hour.  While this flight delay information was posted on the airline’s website, there has been no reason given for the power outage.


Wedge said that the power outage started just when the first passengers of the say were going through security screening.  The passenger and luggage screening devices of the Transportation Security Administration had to be rebooted before they could resume screening could resume.  The total number of flight delays has not yet been disclosed, but Wedge said that by 8:00 am there were still some flights reporting 30 minute to one hour delays.


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Severe Thunderstorms Delay Flights in Las Vegas

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

In some areas of the Southwest on Tuesday severe thunderstorms raged through and caused flight disruptions in Las Vegas, as well as disrupting traffic and causing flooding throughout the city.  Cars in a university parking lot were up to their headlights in water and school buses made the way slowly through waterlogged streets.  Just prior to 2:00 pm, nearly an inch of rain fell at McCarran International Airport, prompting the National Weather Service to issue flash flood and severe thunderstorm warnings.


At the airport, both departures and arrivals were affected.  Airport spokesperson Linda Healey said that both arrivals and departures were delayed as the airport halted fueling operations due to lightening strikes in the area.  There were also power outages and many people stranded in cars.  The region normally gets 4.5 inches of rain per year, but this storm system has them on track to beat that average.


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Baggage Handler Strikes Cause Flight Delays in Cairo

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

For the second day in a row, baggage handlers in Cairo went on strike, causing the delay of numerous flights on Saturday.  At least 30 flights were delayed at the country’s main airport as about 150 handlers participated in the strike action and the previous day a 12-hour strike saw the delay of 20 flights.  Airport officials reported that Egypt’s Minister of Civil Aviation, Mohammed Fouad Gadallah, and a presidential adviser met with passengers to explain the reason for the delays.


The minister and the presidential adviser also met with the workers, who were assured that if they go back to work, then their demands will be met, but only if the return to work is quick and passengers did not have to wait more than two hours for their baggage.  This type of work stoppage has been common since the 2011 uprising.  Baggage handlers are encouraged by the response from the authorities and they agreed to suspend their strike until Sunday while they negotiate their demands with the airline.


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Lufthansa Stike Results in Cancellation of 1200 Flights

Monday, September 10th, 2012

The flight attendants of Lufthansa Airlines have begun their 24-hour strike at the six primary airports in Germany, including Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, and Hamburg airports.  This has resulted in the cancellation of 1200 flights, which is two thirds of the daily flights operated by the airline.  The cancellations will affect about 48,000 passengers, 1500 of whom slept on cots at the airport last night.  The airline has been trying to communicate with customers regarding the strike and has sent out 18,000 text messages.


The strike is over a wage dispute between the airline and the flight attendant union UFO.  The union, which represents two thirds of the airline’s flight attendants, is demanding a 5% increase in their pay, while the airline has offered 3.5%.  The union also wants assurances that the flight attendants will not lose their jobs.  In the meantime, the strike will seriously affect the airline, which serves about 170,000 passengers every Friday.


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Lufthansa Cancels Hundreds of Flights Due to Strikes

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

On Tuesday, flight attendants with Lufthansa went on strike for the day, causing the cancellation of 300 flights.  The flight attendants had gone on strike for eight hours last Friday as well.  The latest strike action took place in airports in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich and has resulted in 26,000 passengers being stranded.  The strike lasted for eight hours in Berlin and Frankfurt and 11 hours in Munich.


Klaus Walther, a spokesperson for the airline, said that they cannot just replace the flight attendants, so it is hard to cushion the impact of the strikes.  The strike action is over the pay conditions of the union members and talks between the airline and the union broke down last week.  The strikes could go on for weeks.  However, the airline’s Austrian unit, Austrian Airlines, is unaffected as their flight attendants are on a different contract.  They have been helping out their parent company, by using larger aircraft on their routes to Germany.


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Flights at Washington Airports Delayed Due to Refirgerator Fire

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Three Washington, D.C. airports experienced flight delays when a refrigerator fire broke out in the air traffic control tower.  The fire occurred on Sunday morning and flights were delayed by about 25 minutes at the following airports: Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, and Dulles International Airport.  Fewer than 20 flights were affected by the incident.


The Federal Aviation Administration said that the fire broke out in a refrigerator in the office area of the control tower that serves the Washington area.  Laura Brown, a spokesperson with the FAA, said that flights were halted at 8:40 am because the air traffic control facility had to be evacuated.  However, no further details regarding the fire were disclosed.


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Strike at Lufthansa Causes Flight Cancellations

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

On Friday, about 1000 flight attendants went on strike, causing the cancellation of over 200 flights for Germany’s largest airline at Germany’s busiest airport.  The flight attendants say that there will be more work stoppages if the airline does not agree to their demands.  The two sides have been in negotiations for 13 months regarding a pay raise and receiving a guarantee that certain conditions be met.  UFO union head Nicoley Baublies said they have to wait to see how Lufthansa responds.


The strike left thousands of passengers stranded in Frankfurt airport.  About 200 short- and medium-haul flights were cancelled and a few long-haul flights were also cancelled, such as those bound for New York, Seattle, and Boston.  They planned the strike to last for eight hours, which would be long enough to throw flights off for the rest of the day.  The union will decide on future strikes, depending on how the airline reponds.


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