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Lufthansa staff don’t show at Paris airport; flights canceled

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

It may be the holidays, but that didn’t stop Lufthansa workers at the Paris airport from going on a surprise strike on Thursday. Twenty-two flights into and out of Paris were affected.

The airport had to bring in staff to deal with the passengers. According to a spokesperson, only two flights were canceled after all Lufthansa airport staff called in sick. Airport officials say anyone traveling by Lufthansa should go online and check the status of their flights before heading to the airport.

Lufthansa unions in France explained they are protesting staffing and manager shortages during this busy time of year.

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Storm in Europe delays flights

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

A major winter storm in Western Europe caused some travel delays in Europe on Tuesday. Holiday travelers were stranded at London and Paris airports while thousands of homes lost power. The storm was also responsible for four deaths in the UK.

Gatwick’s North Terminal had 26 cancelations and many delays, caused by flooding from the heavy rains.

In France, almost all long-haul flights from the Charles de Gaulle Airport were delayed due to the stormy weather. Nearly 200,000 homes lost electricity due to high winds.

Areas in Southwest England were under a severe flood warning.

According to Southern Electric, some people may not get their power back in time for Christmas.

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Technical problems in control tower ground flights at Melbourne Airport

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Several people have been delayed and even stranded after the control tower at Melbourne Airport suffered technical issues. All flights were grounded while techs worked to fix the problem. Even though flights resumed at 9:30 am on Monday, there will be significant delays before all passengers get on their flights.

No explanation was given as to the exact nature of the problems; a spokesperson for the airport told passengers to expect delays due to unspecified technical issues.

Not everyone was affected too badly; some had to wait 20 minutes while some passengers have been delayed for hours. Passengers were told to check with their airline for more information.

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Storm in Central Canada causes flight delays

Monday, December 16th, 2013

A storm that had up to 25 cm (almost a foot) of snow fall on Quebec and southern Quebec has caused trouble for both drivers and air travelers. Dozens of flights were canceled or delayed at both Pearson in Toronto and Trudeau airport in Montreal on Saturday.

The storm, now making its way towards the Maritime provinces, was a factor in several car crashes, including at least one fatal collision north of Toronto near Barrie. The QEW Highway through and near Toronto had multiple collisions and at least one pile-up.

The storm has moved on from central Canada but is expected to pick up as it moves east towards New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

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Air Canada to Provide Year-Round Flights between Sydney and Toronto

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

There will now be daily, round-trip flights between Sydney’s JA Douglas McCurdy Airport and Toronto.  The flights will be offered year-round and Doug Peach, chair of the Sydney Airport Authority’s board of directors, said it is a huge milestone for the airport.  According to Peach, they have worked hard to build business at the airport for many years and that hard work is now paying off.  They have increased the number of passengers they serve by 10% over the past few years.


At a business luncheon on Tuesday, Air Canada announced the new flights.  Up until now, all direct flights between Sydney and Toronto that have been offered by Air Canada and WestJet have been offered only during the summer months.  Kevin Howlett, the senior vice-president of regional service for Air Canada, said that with the new service, Sydney is just one direct flight away from a large portion of the world.
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Heavy Fog Causes Flight Disruptions in the UK

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Travel chaos reigned supreme in the UK once again as a thick blanket of fog covered London and most of southeast England.  Visibility was poor, down to a mere 50 meters in some areas, leasing to the cancelation of 40 flights at Heathrow International Airport.  At London City Airport, almost every flight was affected, being either delayed or canceled.  According to Lara Gunn, a forecaster at MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, the fog is expected to persist throughout the morning.


British Airways was hit particularly hard with flight disruptions due to the fog.  The airline’s flights were affected at both Heathrow and London City airports.  At London City, the airline had to cancel its flights to Glasgow, Zurich, and Dusseldorf.  London City Airport was advising all passengers to contact their airline before making their way to the airport.  These flight disruptions come on the heals of the disruptions on Saturday at all major airports, which was due to problems at the air traffic control headquarters in Hampshire.
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LAX Flights Inundated with Contaminated Water Problems

Monday, December 9th, 2013

The international terminal at Los Angeles International Airport is undergoing renovations, and at the same time, they are dealing with contaminated water.  The drinking water is brown and airplanes parked at five of the terminal’s gates have not been able to restock their drinking water.  The water is contaminated with bacteria, as well as brass, copper, and rust that have come from the plumbing in the building.

The water inside the terminal is not affected, but the planes have had to use bottled water or bring water in from other terminals via water tankers.  As a result, a number of flights are experiencing delays.  According to Los Angeles World Airports, the problem has been ongoing for two weeks.  In the beginning, they had to shut the water off for all 13 gates within the terminal, but now only five gates are affected.
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Europe Airpost Launching Halifax-Glasgow Flights

Friday, December 6th, 2013

There is now going to be one more way to connect from Halifax to Scotland and France.  French airline Europe Airpost, which began operations in 2000, will be launching weekly seasonal flights from Halifax, Canada, to Glasgow, Scotland, and Paris, France.


According to Karen Sinclair, according to Halifax International Airport Authority corporate communications manager, the service will run through the summer months, from July 4 to August 29.  Europe Airpost is a subsidirary of ASL Aviation Group.  Based in Dublin, ASL Aviation website indicates that the company employees a total of 1,200 people and operates 90 aircraft.
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Blizzard in Calgary Causes Flight Cancelations

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

On Monday a blizzard swept through the Calgary area, causing problems on the roads and flight cancelations.  Part of the Trans-Canada Highway was closed and all school buses were taken off the roads.  A total of 15-25 cm of snow is expected to fall by Tuesday, keeping snow removal crews busy throughout the city.  However, plows were taken off the roads on the Trans-Canada Highway at Highway 21 due to high winds of up to 80 km per hour and zero visibility.


At Calgary International Airport, there were dozens of flight disruptions.  A total of 34 departing flights and 36 arrivals were canceled by noon on Monday due to the storm.  According to Calgary Airport Authority spokesperson Jody Moseley, many other flights were delayed as airport crews worked hard to de-ice the planes and clear the runways.  The Environment Canada forecast for Tuesday for Calgary is 2 cm of snow with a high of -15C and a windchill of -29C.
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East coast hit by holiday storm; hundreds of flights canceled

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

On one of the busiest days for travel in the United States, a holiday storm hit the east coast on Wednesday. It’s not as bad as many anticipated, but the wet and windy weather has still managed to cause the cancelation of approximately 250 flights in Philadelphia, New York, and Newark.

Compared to the 32,000 or so flights that were scheduled overall in the U.S., that isn’t too bad.

The storm developed over the weekend in the west and is responsible for 12 fatal car crashes.  Luckily, as it moved east, it seemed to lessen in fury. By the time it hit the east coast, it was mostly just rain and wind.

According to AAA, over 43 million people are expected to travel by road or air this weekend. More than three million will be flying.

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