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Fog grounds flights out of Victoria, Nanaimo, and Vancouver again

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

The heavy fog that resulted in several flight cancelations over the weekend in B.C. has returned. By 8:00 am Pacific Standard Time, most Helijet and floatplane flights into and out of Victoria, Nanaimo, and Vancouver were delayed.

The high pressure system brought with it morning and evening fog to the Lower Mainland and West coast of B.C. It’s the worst in low-lying areas. The same system has brought some record-breaking heat temperatures in Yukon.

According to weather experts, the fog should clear out by Tuesday when a more normal weather system will move in, bringing with it some rain and mountain snow, depending on location.

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WestJet Encore to offer more flights in Thunder Bay

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

On Monday, Calgary-based WestJet announced there will be an expansion to the eastern parts of its WestJet Encore services. Starting June 27, WestJet Encore will offer more flights between Thunder Bay and Winnipeg and Thunder Bay and Toronto.

The aircraft will be switching from 737 jets to the smaller Q400 turbo-prop airplanes, and this means more flight options for people in the Thunder Bay, Ontario area. According to the manager of public relations, flights out of the city will double in frequency.

The Bombardier Q400 airplanes have 78 seats and are slightly slower than the Boeing 737s, but are quieter and more appropriately suit the demand.

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Fog disrupts flights at IGI airport in Delhi yet again

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Once again, thick fog has affected flight operations at Delhi’s IGI airport. Approximately 58 flights were affected.

Besides the 50 international and domestic flight delays, eight others were diverted to other airports like Chandigarh and Ahmedabad between 5:30 am and 9:30 am. These eight flights had to be diverted because the crew or aircraft did not have the training or equipment to land in low visibility conditions.

The fog started to creep in around 4:30 am and by 5:30 am runway visibility was around 100 meters (328 feet). In low visibility conditions, the minimum visibility allowable for takeoffs is between 125 meters (425 feet) and 150 meters (495 feet).

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Flight bound for Winnipeg makes emergency landing

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

A Winnipeg-bound WestJet flight coming from Phoenix on January 11 lost cabin pressure and had to make an emergency landing in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Flight 1343 was carrying 38 passengers, two pilots, and three flight attendants. Everything was fine when it left at 8 pm local time, but just under two hours into the flight, pilots realized something was wrong. They declared an emergency and immediately headed to a lower altitude and then made an emergency landing in Rapid City.

Neither the NTSB in the U.S nor the Transportation Safety Board in Canada is going to investigate. The plane was repaired by a maintenance crew and was flown back to Calgary where the airline will investigate the cause of the problem.

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Airlines and railways fix schedules out of chaos left by storms

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Wednesday saw airlines canceling fewer flights Wednesday and the beginning of restoration to schedules after winter storms caused the cancelations of 11,000 flights over the course of four days.

Millions of fliers were marooned in the United States and airlines are still trying to bring some sense of order to the chaos left behind by the storms.

According to, there were only 584 cancelations on Wednesday compared to the 2,692 on January 7 and 4,110 on January 6. Delta had only four canceled flights by early Wednesday morning, which is a typical day with no weather delays or cancelations.

JetBlue Airways Corp. also resumed service on Tuesday in Boston and New York after a 17-hour suspension of service.

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Flights to U.S. from Montreal delayed or canceled due to weather

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Several flights headed to the United States from Montreal’s Trudeau Airport on Saturday were delayed or canceled. The severe cold front and winter storms that moved in across parts of Atlantic/Eastern Canada and half of the U.S. caused wide-spread problems with flights in affected areas.

By shortly after noon on Saturday, 10 flights to the U.S. had been canceled and three from the U.S. had been canceled. Several more were delayed.

According to an airport spokesperson, many passengers were stranded in Montreal. Some passengers were even diverted from other airports due to the weather conditions.

All travelers were advised to check with the status on their flights before heading to the airport.

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Winnipeg’s extreme cold weather continues; more flights canceled

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Winnipeg is experiencing its coldest winter in a long time and several airlines have canceled flights, saying it’s too cold to fly.

On Monday, nine United Airlines flights into and out of Winnipeg were canceled. Three were canceled on Tuesday, and one was canceled on Wednesday. According to a spokesperson for ExpressJet, which is in partnership with United Airlines, when the weather gets too cold, it increases the risk of ice crystals forming on the outside of the planes. Not all of the cancelations were due to the cold, however: some of the cancelations were made due to storms in the departing city.

With the weather forecast for the weekend not looking any warmer, it’s possible that more flights will be canceled.

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Air Canada will use slower turboprop plane on Victoria-to-Calgary flight

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Starting in the spring of 2014, Air Canada will use the slightly slower but larger Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 NextGen turboprop aircraft for its flights between Victoria and Calgary.

The flights will take a bit longer, but the new planes offer more comfort compared to the CRJ aircraft being used right now. The new planes also seat 74 passengers compared to 50. Other benefits include more room, bigger overhead bins, all-leather seats, and less engine noise.

The new turboprops fly at a lower altitude, which means the flights will take about five minutes longer than the current planes. This shouldn’t bother travelers, according to a spokesperson for Air Canada: the airline expects passengers “will be delighted” with the Q400.

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