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Transweast Air offers a way for people to get to the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ home games

Monday, June 30th, 2014

For those football fans in Saskatoon who want to go see the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ home games in Regina, Transwest Air is offering a flight package. A shuttle will take the enthusiasts to the stadium and back from the aircraft, as well.

The deal costs $235 CAD plus tax, and leaves Saskatoon about 90 minutes before takeoff, the flights take about 35 minutes each way. Of course, the price of the package does not include the tickets.

The Roughriders’ regular season starts Sunday at 5 pm. They will host the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Flights can be booked by calling or emailing Transwest Air.

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Ryanair cancels several flights because of French air traffic controller strike

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Ryanair canceled four flights into and out of Dublin on Tuesday because of a French air controller strike. Aer Lingus also advised passengers to expect delays. So far, Flights FR7032 to Faro, FR1116 to Reus Salou, FR6875 to Barcelona, and FR7256 to Madrid were canceled at 9:30 am. Flights into Dublin from Faro and Barcelona were also canceled.

Further delays and cancelations are expected so passengers should check with the airline’s website before heading to the airport.

A further 26 flights into and out of France have been canceled, none of which affect Irish airports. The strike is planned to go on for a total of six days, with Tuesday being the first day.


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Security breach at Pearson International; flight to Brazil ordered to return

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

On Thursday a man breached the security at Pearson International by going through a staff-only door to enter his terminal after leaving for a cigarette. Once the breach had been determined, the Terminal was shut down and all flights into and out of Terminal 1 were suspended. Additionally, a flight to Brazil that had left shortly after midnight was ordered to turn back even though it had been in the air for several hours at the time of the order.

No one is certain why Transport Canada made the plane fly all the way back to Pearson. Normally a flight would land at the closest runway.

The man who had committed the security breach was arrested and then released after it was determined there was no criminal intent in his breach.

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American Airlines cuts majority of flights to Venezuela over summer due to debt

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

On June 17, American Airlines announced it would cut almost 80 percent of its flights to Venezuela due to the debt owed by the Venezuelan government. Currently the government owes different airlines $4.2 billion.

Starting on July 2, American Airlines will offer only 10 flights per week instead of its usual 48. Further, the flights from Dallas, New York, and San Juan, Puerto Rico will be scrapped; only the flights from Miami will be kept. According to the airline, this is because Venezuela owes the carrier $750 million in revenue.

Other airlines are owed as well. This month, the International Air Transport Association said that the country is holding $4 billion in airline money due to a currency-control problem.

Alitalia and Air Canada have already suspended all flights to Caracas. Copa has reduced services, and other U.S. airlines have restricted sales due to money owed.

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New airport attack suspends more Karachi flights

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Flights into and out of Pakistan’s busiest airport were suspended Tuesday afternoon after the security force training camp located close to the terminals was attacked just two days after the Taliban attack that killed people and destroyed buildings.

Gunmen attacked the entrance by the Airports Security Force’s training base which is just outside of the Karachi Airport’s northern perimeter. The firefight lasted just under two hours and no one was hurt or killed. This attack came after the army destroyed nine terrorist hideouts and killed 15 people in the north-west.

On Tuesday, airport authorities found seven more dead people in one of the burned buildings, bringing the total death count to 36 including the 10 Taliban members.

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Alaskan volcano eruption disrupts flights

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

A volcanic eruption on Wednesday has disrupted flights two days in a row, prompting a “red” alert for the first time in the last five years.

Alaska’s Pavlof volcano has been erupting off and on for years but this is the first time authorities have issued a red alert, which has since been downgraded. The regional airline PenAir had to start canceling flights on Tuesday because of high winds and ash.

More flights were grounded on Wednesday as the eruption sent lava up to almost 500 meters (1640 feet). The plume of ash went as high as 7,315 meters (almost 24,000 feet) and has since drifted 80 kilometers east (about 50 miles).

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New rules to change how Canadians experience flights

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

The Canadian government announced two new rules regarding air travel. Add these in to other changes upcoming and travelers will experience flights in a whole new way.

Transport Canada will change the rule that dictates how many flight attendants must be on each plane. Until now, there had to be one flight attendant for every 40 passengers but that will soon change to 1:50. Despite the fact that flight attendants feel this is a risky move, the rule matches those on Europe and U.S. flights.

The second new rule governs electronic device use on flights. Transport Canada wants to get rid of the rule that says you have to turn your devices off during takeoff and landing. Passengers will still have to have their devices in airplane mode, which stops it from transmitting. WestJet says the cabin rules should be updated by summer.

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