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U.S. surveillance flights too close for comfort in South China Sea

Monday, May 25th, 2015

The U.S. has been taking quite a bit of interest in the activities in the South China Sea and CNN just filmed a US surveillance plane that flew over the area of interest. This flight was too close for comfort as far as the Chinese government was concerned and now the incident has ballooned into an international story. The flight was told repeatedly by the Chinese to turn around, which it didn’t. This confrontation is causing waves throughout the region, not just with the two countries involved, but with others in the area.

Earlier this month China’s foreign minister Wang Yi told the US Secretary of State John Kerry that the “determination of the Chinese side to safeguard our own sovereignty and territorial integrity is as firm as a rock and it is unshakeable.” This statement certainly makes it clear what China’s position is.

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Massive delays as Mumbai domestic airport

Sunday, May 24th, 2015

Anyone trying to flight through Mumbai’s domestic airport this past Friday likely ran into a whole lot of delays, which translated into a day of chaos at the airport. The day saw an incredible 45 flight delays, most of which were for about one hour. Some of the airlines that were involved in the delays include GoAir, Jet Airways, Air India, Indigo, and SpiceJet.

So what was the cause of all the delays? Airport officials have put the blame on operational and technical issues; however, there seems to be some argument there. Sources are saying the delays were due to the fact the main runway was undergoing maintenance work for two hours and needed to be shut down. A GoAir spokesperson wrote in an email “every Friday there is routine maintenance and the main Mumbai runway is closed from 2 pm to 4 pm.”

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Carry-on luggage will now be more scrutinized by Air Canada

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

It seems as though passengers will have to look forward to even more scrutiny regarding carry-on baggage when traveling with Air Canada. The airline has announced that will be checking bags more closely to be sure it meets the regulations when it comes to weight and size requirements. Staff will be positioned at the check-in and security checkpoints to keep an eye on the carry-on items.

This announcement comes just in time for the summer travel season to begin. Any bags that exceed the requirements will then be subject to the regular standard fees. If the bag needs to be checked because it is too large the passenger will be given a special card so they can get back to the check-in agent and return to the gate quickly.

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Online backlash directed at Canadian couple

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

It seems as though people are sharing plenty of opinions online, mainly in the form of negative comments, regarding the Canadian couple who recently gave birth to a baby while on an Air Canada flight to Japan. The couple, from Victoria, BC, were on a flight to Japan on May 10, 2015 when the women gave birth to a baby she says she didn’t know she was carrying. The birth happened about mid-flight roughly above Russia. There were doctors on board the flight who were able to help deliver the full-term baby. When they arrived in Japan the baby, as well as the couple, were taken away by emergency personnel.

The couple then set up a fundraiser online to help cover the medical bills and cost of the baby’s trip home since they “weren’t expecting it.” The father also compared caring for a baby as the same as caring for cats. Since that point there has been plenty of backlash online from people stating that the couple is out to capitalize on the birth through their GoFundMe account.

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Using an app to help with your flight plans

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

Before heading out to the airport for your next flight you may first want to download the AirHelp app that is designed to inform travelers of flight delays, cancellations, and flights that have been over-booked. This app does more than that; it can also help travelers get cash back after a flight has been affected. It seems as though travelers are entitled to an incredible US$650 dollars from the airlines for any flight that is delayed for more than three hours. The app’s co-founder and CEO, Henrik Zillmer, is the one who uncovered this information under European regulations.

What’s more incredible is that it is estimated that each year approximately 8.1 million travelers are within their rights to be compensated yet of this amount only 2% go ahead with the process.

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Canadian North and First Air to begin code sharing

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Beginning in the summer Canadian North and First Air will start to codeshare some of their routes. This means they will sell both cargo space and passenger seats on each other’s flights. The routes that will now feature codeshare are Yellowknife-Norman Wells-Inuvik, Edmonton-Yellowknife, Yellowknife-Kugluktuk-Cambridge Bay, Ottawa-Iqaluit, Yellowknife-Rankin Inlet-Iqaluit, Iqaluit-Clyde River-Pond Inlet, and Iqualuit-Pangnirtung-Qikiqtarjuag.

This move has been made instead of merging the two airlines which can be quite complex. Codesharing is a much easier and faster solution and can also provide better connections and schedules for customers. The website for Canadian North states that “extraordinarily high operating costs versus relatively low passenger and cargo volumes” mean that have scheduled flights on each of the airlines just isn’t sustainable. These new flights are expected to start up in August.

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Airlines ignore court rulings regarding compensating passengers

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

In spite of a court ruling from 2014 that ordered that passengers who reach their destination more than three hours late can claim £448 (US$698) per person plus expenses if the delay falls within the airline’s control, passengers are still having their claims turned down or delayed. Airlines are allowed to refuse to pay if the delay was caused by an “extraordinary circumstance” out of their control and before the ruling, were claiming that ordinary technical problems fell into this group. The ruling said that technical problems were not unforeseen nor extraordinary.

A consumer expert at MoneySavingExpert says that it’s “disgraceful” that airlines are still trying to get out of paying compensation for technical problems.

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Rome Airport re-opens following fire

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

Fiumicino airport in Rome, the largest airport in Italy based on passenger traffic, was re-opened on Thursday after a fire that occurred overnight. Officials said they aren’t sure when the airport will be back up to full operations. Just after midnight a huge, “very violent fire” in Terminal 3. The fire was likely caused by a short circuit in a cafe; authorities had to close the entire airport until 1000 GMT.

Vito Riggio, the head of Italy’s civil aviation body ENAC said it would take several days before Terminal 3 is back to 100 percent. Terrorism has been ruled out as the cause of the fire.

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Puerto Rico gets ready for direct flights to Mexico

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Puerto Rico is preparing to offer direct flights to Mexico for the first time in 15 years. Ingrid Rivera, the executive director of Puerto Rico’s Tourism Company says that Volaris, the Mexican airline, will offer twice-weekly flights between San Juan and Cancun every Thursday and Friday starting on July 2. Mexicana canceled its route between Mexico and Puerto Rico in 20 and Interjet offered some promotional flights in 2013 but that didn’t last long. On Tuesday, Rivera said that the Volaris flights are expected to make approximately $10 million a year for Puerto Rico. Volaris is a low-cost airline with its base located at the General Abelardo L. Rodriguez International Airport in Tijuana.

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Brand-new system can track twice as many flights at once

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

The new ERAM system (En Route Automation Modernization) by the Department of Transportation will be able to track twice as many flights as once. It uses data comm, performance-based navigation, and automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast; performance-based navigation is already in use and has airplanes come down from cruising altitude to land with the engines idling. ADS-B tracks planes using satellites instead of the traditional radar systems. For flights in places where radar coverage is thin, the ADS-B will be able to track them. Data comm will reduce radio frequency traffic by implementing something like text messaging capabilities between pilots and air traffic controllers.

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