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Travel to Europe & Beat Airline Luggage Fees

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Looking for discount airfare for a European vacation to France, Greece or Spain? Here is one way that may save you some money. If you’re one of the millions of flyers tired of the skyrocketing baggage fees, why not quit checking your bags altogether?

What are people doing to get around checking their bags?

Everything from shipping their things in advance, to buying them on-location and packing smarter and lighter; also, making very sure their carry-on bags are inside the limits for measurements — some are traveling with tape measures to prove their carry-on does comply.

Travel to Barcelona – Airports & Airlines Equip Defenses Against Tarmac Delays

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

This summer, if you’re looking for cheap airfare to Spain, airports and airlines say they’re mission-ready, with heavily equipped defenses against tarmac delays: pretzels and water.

Under a new federal rule, passengers must be offered water and snacks after two hours of sitting without taking off or reaching a gate, and under nearly all circumstances everyone has to have the opportunity to get off a plane if it’s stranded for three hours. If airlines don’t comply, fines can be enormous—up to $27,000 per passenger, or about $4 million on a typical planeload of 150 people. is dedicated to bringing you cheap international flights and international travel to destinations all over the world. Whether you're looking for a cheap international flight to Africa, Asia, Austria, or Australia, or a cheap flight to Scotland, South America, Spain, Sweden, or Switzerland, cheap tickets are our game. We can help you find cheap flights to anywhere, from Amsterdam to the Ukraine, from Belgium to Turkey. On our cheap ticket site you can search for international tickets or international airfares; you'll find tips, deals, and discounts for airlines and tickets to anywhere in the world, including China, Cyprus, Denmark, Dublin, Egypt, and England. International airlines have cheap flights to just about anywhere these days; international airfares and cheap airfares for travel, both business and pleasure, to locations such as Europe, Finland, France, Frankfurt, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, and Japan.

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