International Terms and Conditions

International terms and conditions that apply to airline tickets.
  • Passenger name changes are not allowed and tickets are non-transferable.
  • If changes are allowed, they have to be made before the departure date and are for the dates of travel only. The ticket has no value if not exchanged before the departure date.
  • City pairs cannot be changed (must be for the same departure and destination cities).
  • International will handle changes and fees prior to departure.
  • After departure, the appropriate airline will normally handle changes and fees.
  • Unless stated otherwise at time of purchase, all airline tickets are non-refundable.
  • Electronic tickets will always be issued when possible. A $20 shipping fee applies only when we are unable to issue electronic tickets. We do not issue paper tickets upon request, since many airlines do not allow paper tickets at all or charge a substancial fee for them.
  • United States citizens traveling abroad are required to have specific travel documents, including: a valid passport, a round-trip airline ticket or proof of return travel, a visa is required by some destination countries, medical inoculations for infected areas/countries. Each passenger is responsible for obtaining proper travel documents prior to travel.
  • For domestic travel all passengers must have a valid picture identification matching the names on the itinerary, or boarding can be denied.
  • For international travel, the names of the ticketed passengers must appear identical to the names as shown on their passports.
  • Due to increased security measures, all passengers must be checked in at airports at least one hour before the departure time on domestic flights and two hours on international flights. Some of the busier airports, (JFK, Atlanta, Chicago-Ohare, LAX, etc.) may require more during peak times. If the first flight is missed due to late checkin by the passenger, the entire value of the ticket could be lost, if the airline refuses to reaccomodate. is not responsible when passenger misses flights due to being late.
  • Schedule changes - Airlines often make adjustments to their time schedules. We recommend that you reconfirm your flights with each airline at least one week prior to your departure, we are unable to advise you of these such changes. is not responsible for missed flights or misconnects due to passenger failing to reconfirm flights.
  • Within 24 hours of booking (excluding weekends), a detailed itinerary will be e-mailed to passengers.
  • Any name or schedule discrepencies must be corrected the same day of booking or change penalties will apply, if changeable.
  • If the card holder is not a passenger, a credit card authorization form is required by fax in our offices within 24 hours of booking, along with the front and back of credit card or drivers license, to verify signature.
International always respects your privacy. We do not share private information or email addresses with outside parties except as necessary to complete that order or use it for any other purposes.